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As a step in the process of creating behind Bits of Love I produced a trailer first. But not just to raise the interest of my viewers but also to see how the footage goes with music. I was satisfied, so I moved on to the next step: interviews. And eventually a few weeks later I was done with it.

The music is picked from local  and/or less known artists.

Thanks to Tides from Nebula for providing the title track. And thanks to Janus for letting me use „river“. And also to Chrisi.

Enjoy watching.

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Produziert 2015

Trailer – Sound
Robot Koch – Hard to find

BTS Sound

Tides from Nebula – Apricot

Christian Steinbauer – Track 7

Janus – River

Daughter – Love (MOXi Remix)

No Ceremony – HURTLOVE (Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross Remix)

Kamera, Schnitt und Postproduktion – Fabian Schober

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